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Find College Softball Showcases and Stand Out to College Coaches

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Softball showcases offer a mix of drills and gameplay, making them one of the best recruiting events for college coaches to evaluate athletes. Find opportunities to get evaluated at a college softball showcase near you with our complete list below and get answers to top questions about softball showcases

Find college softball showcases near you 

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Louisiana State University – Alexandria
Calendar icon Jun 8, 2024 Jun 9, 2024
Alexandria, LA
Ages / Grade Level: 7th – 12th
Division: NAIA
Louisiana State University – Alexandria
Calendar icon Jun 8, 2024 Jun 9, 2024
Alexandria, LA
Ages / Grade Level: 7th – 12th
Division: NAIA

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Top 10 questions about softball showcases 

What is a softball showcase? 

A showcase is a recruiting event where you participate in drills and gameplay for college coaches to watch. Showcases offer athletes a chance to get evaluated by a large group of college coaches. 

Why should you attend a softball showcase? 

Whether you should attend a showcase depends on your recruiting goals. Showcases are great for: 

Before registering for a showcase, athletes should first research what coaches will be there. If the athlete isn’t interested in any of the programs attending, they shouldn’t attend. If college coaches from programs on your top 25 list attend, then you should attend the event. 

Can you get discovered at a softball showcase? 

While showcases are a good way to gain exposure, athletes typically don’t “get discovered” at a showcase. These events are most valuable for athletes who have already built a relationship with coaches at their target schools. As an underclassman, make sure you send an introductory email to college coaches. This will get on their radar before you begin attending recruiting events. 

When should you start going to softball showcases? 

We suggest you attend local and less expensive showcases beginning sophomore year. This allows you to familiarize themselves with the format and see how they measure up against other talent. 

Upperclassman should attend bigger showcases with a large audience of college coaches and scouts. At this point in the recruiting process, athletes should already be talking to college coaches at their target schools. Before registering for a showcase, directly ask coaches what showcases they plan to attend. 

How do softball showcases work? 

Softball showcases are designed to allow athletes to complete drills and gameplay in front of college coaches. College coaches evaluated athletes in a large group setting to determine which athletes might fit their roster needs.  

What should you expect at a softball showcase? 

Below is an outline of a typical softball showcase: 

Softball showcases generally last 8-10 hours, with a break for lunch in-between. 

Who attends softball showcases? 

Local athletes, as well as athletes from around the country, attend showcases to gain exposure. Showcase hosts will invite college coaches and recruiting scouts to attend and evaluate recruits. Generally, if an athlete is interested in the programs attending, they will attend the showcase. 

How can you stand out at a softball showcase? 

  1. Arrive on time. Arriving late to a recruiting event shows a lack of accountability and won’t go unnoticed. Out of respect for the athletes and coaches in attendance, be sure to arrive on time. 
  2. Practice good communication skills. Show coaches that you are a confident player by communicating clearly on the field with other athletes. It’s also important to follow up with coaches and scouts after the showcase to express your recruiting interest. 
  3. Show that you are coachable. Coachability is one of the top skills that college coaches look for in recruits. Show coaches that you are coachable by listening to instructors, taking feedback with grace and supporting your teammates. 

What are the best college softball showcases? 

Some of the most prominent softball showcases are: 

What does it cost to attend a softball showcase? 

Softball showcases typically cost $300+ per player. This doesn’t include any travel fees you may incur. If attending a showcase is out of your budget, you can send your highlight video to college coaches to provide a snapshot of your skillset. 


Showcases offer opportunities to gain exposure and get evaluated by college coaches from across the country. Always follow up with college coaches after attending a showcase! Create an NCSA Recruiting Profile and access college coach contact information. Don’t have one?

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