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2017-2018 Softball Combine Results



If you’ve participated in a softball combine hosted by an NCSA partner, you can find your results here. Simply look through the list below and click on your event! During each combine, athletes are tested on key softball measurables, and we’ve listed the data for each drill, including:

  • Right grip
  • Left grip
  • Ball exit speed
  • 20-yard dash
  • Proagility shuttle
  • Overhand throw velocity
  • Pop time for catchers

While combines are relatively new to the softball recruiting world, they are a great opportunity to get your verified stats. If you’re wondering what’s so important about verified stats, it all comes down to the college coaches. Because it’s so easy to mess up measurements when families take them on their own, coaches love to see athletes who have stats that have been verified by a third-party. Coaches know that they used the correct measuring techniques, and they didn’t fudge the numbers.

Once you’ve found your results, don’t forget to add them to your NCSA online recruiting profile. This is a great way to show coaches that you’re only a talented athlete, but you’ve gone the extra mile for your recruiting by attending a softball combine.


Softball Combines

City State Combine Name Results
Conroe Texas 2018 Triple Crown Ronald McDonald Fastpitch Speed Combine Results View Results
Southampton New Jersey 2018 NFCA Ohio Combine Results View Results
Westminster Colorado 2018 TCS Sparkler Combine Results View Results
Vancouver Washington 2018 TCS Valley Invite Combine Results View Results
Southampton New Jersey 2018 NFCA Northeast Academic Combine Results View Results
Pennsbury Pennsylvania 2018 NFCA Pennsbury Classic Combine Results View Results
Hemet California 2018 Zoom into June Combine Results View Results
Pennsbury Pennsylvania 2017 NFCA Pennsbury Camp Results View Results
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