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Women’s Basketball Showcases and the College Recruiting Process

Show off your hard-earned skills and earn your way onto a college coach’s list of players to watch by participating in a basketball showcase. Get evaluated at a women’s basketball showcase near you with our complete list below and get answers to the top questions about women’s basketball showcases.

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Top questions about women’s basketball showcases 

Who should play in basketball showcases? 

Coaches typically attend basketball showcases or exposure camps to recruit juniors or seniors, but there is value for younger, more advanced players to get their name out to coaches early. A good rule of thumb is whether you have the right basketball playing experience. If you don’t have solid minutes at the varsity level, be patient. It’s probably best to focus your time on skills camps or find a personal trainer to better help you prepare for college coach exposure when the time is right. 

How does a women’s basketball showcase work? 

Basketball showcases are one-day exposure events, sometimes invite-only. There will be individual drills to show off your basketball skills such as shooting, ball-handling and post moves. As well as 5v5 competition. Players will be placed in a group based on their grad year or skill level. Typically, the instructors aren’t there to teach or help you develop new skills. They are there to help coordinate and shuffle players onto the next station for efficiency. 

Teams showcases work like a basketball tournament. So, you’ll need to be registered with a travel team to participate.  

Are basketball showcases worth the money? 

Organizers can jack up the price for basketball showcases because they promise players big time exposure. Sometimes $100 to $300+ per event. But are they worth it? A showcase is worth it if college coaches at multiple division levels are in attendance. Do your research! The website will advertise which college coaches have confirmed attendance. For unsigned seniors, basketball showcases offer a last chance opportunity to play in front of college coaches who still have unfilled roster spots.  

How do you choose which basketball showcase to go to? 

 Keep these two questions in mind when choosing which basketball showcase to attend: 

How do you stand out to college coaches at a basketball showcase? 

Don’t expect to get recruited just because you attend a basketball showcase. Attendance is usually high, and the competition will be some of the best high school girls’ basketball players in the nation. Aside from a star performance, you’ll need to find ways to separate yourself from the competition.  

 3 ways to help you stand out at basketball showcases

How to stand out at a basketball showcase:

  1. Tell coaches you are attending
  2. Wear something that stands out
  3. Be coachable

Where are the best women’s basketball showcases located? 

Here are some of the best basketball showcases and exposure camps in the nation:  


Basketball showcases can help you get on a college coach’s radar. Attend showcases that have multiple college coaches and division levels in attendance. Be sure to follow up with college coaches after attending a showcase through your NCSA Recruiting Profile! Don’t have one?

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