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Volleyball Camps: Everything You Need to Know

Volleyball camps get you in front of college coaches and help you develop the skills you need to get recruited. You may be wondering, how do I find volleyball camps near me? NCSA has compiled a list of college volleyball camps across the country. Use our event finder below to find a volleyball camp near you or get answers to top questions about volleyball camps.

Find volleyball camps near you

430 results
IMG Academy
Calendar icon Jan 1, 2024 Dec 31, 2024
Bradenton, FL
Ages / Grade Level: 13yr – 18yr
Texas Southern University
Calendar icon Jun 15, 2024 Jul 28, 2024
Houston, TX
Ages / Grade Level: K-12th
Division: NCAA D1
Texas Southern University
Calendar icon Jun 15, 2024 Jul 28, 2024
Houston, TX
Ages / Grade Level: K-12th
Division: NCAA D1
UC Santa Cruz
Calendar icon Jul 15, 2024 Jul 19, 2024
Santa Cruz, CA
Ages / Grade Level: 14yr – 18yr
Division: NCAA D3
Siena College
Calendar icon Jul 15, 2024 Jul 19, 2024
Loundonville, NY
Ages / Grade Level: 8th-12th
Division: NCAA D1

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Volleyball Training Camps


If you’re seeking true development and unmatched coaching to elevate your game, IMG Academy Girls Volleyball Camps provide the best training programs. Tailored for ages 13-18, these camps provide customizable programs for various skill levels and are available year-round, ensuring flexibility to fit your schedule. 

Top questions about volleyball camps 

Do volleyball camps help you get recruited? 

In order to get recruited, you must develop relationships with college coaches. Camps are a great opportunity to connect with coaches and express interest in their program. Prior to attending a camp, email the coaching staff to let them know you plan to attend and wish to learn more about their program. 

Why should you attend volleyball camps? 

  1. Skill development. Every camp offers skill development. This is especially useful for underclassmen who need to develop certain skills that college coaches look for in a recruit. 
  2. Gain exposure. Exposure to college coaches is one of the main reasons athletes attend camps. Camps give athletes the opportunity to get evaluated. Engage with coaches and compete alongside other talent. Keep in mind that coaches don’t just evaluate athletic ability. Coaches take note of your character and how you treat others.
  3. Evaluate the coaching staff. Recruits, observe coaching style and team culture to see if the program is a good fit.
  4. Size up the competition. Competing against talent from all over the country helps you size up your recruiting competition. Talk to other recruits about their recruiting experience and what schools they are targeting. 

which volleyball camp is right for you? 

Volleyball recruits need to consider several factors when selecting camps to attend: 

These questions should help you decide which volleyball camp to attend.

What are the different types of volleyball camps? 

There are several types of college volleyball camps, each offering a different experience for athletes: 

All abilities camps  

These camps provide general skills development and are broken down by age and skill level. They are less recruiting-focused, but offer campers a chance to improve their skills and socialize.  

Position-specific camps  

These camps are ideal for athletes who want to develop their positional skills. Athletes will receive specialized instruction by position through various drills. These camps are more focused on training than evaluation.  

Prospect/ID camps  

These camps are hosted by colleges specifically to evaluate recruits. Coaches and players run the camps, which include scrimmages and tournament play. You should attend prospect/ID camps held at schools you are most interested in attending. 

Team camps  

Your club coaches typically select what team camp your team will attend.  Much like inviting a coach to watch you compete in a high school game or tournament, team camp allows coaches to see you compete in a team setting. 

Daytime or overnight camps  

Overnight camps provide competition, drill and practice time, as well as the chance to bond with other campers. But these camps come at a high price. Cost includes room and board, necessary equipment and travel expenses. Daytime camps are considerably less expensive and still include the same training elements. 

Summer camps versus winter camps 

The majority of camps take place in the summer when parents and students have more free time. But increasingly, more winter volleyball camps are appearing on the schedule. To give yourself every possible advantage, consider attending winter camps for continued skill building and exposure. 

When should you attend volleyball camps? 

Youth camps typically cover students ranging from 3rd to 12th grades. Attending camps early can help you refine your skillset and evaluate your recruiting competition. If you’re an underclassman, all abilities camps are a great place to start. These camps are broken down by age and or skill level (beginner, youth, intermediate, and elite).  

If you’re an upperclassman, consider an elite-level camp. Elite camps offer training for high-level players and exposure to college coaches and recruiters. Most elite camps don’t restrict who can attend. Some are invitation-only or require pre-approval.  

Keep in mind that athletes usually don’t get “discovered” at college volleyball camps. There will likely be over 100 athletes competing for the coach’s attention. Instead of watching all the athletes, coaches focus on recruits they are already talking to. 

How much do volleyball camps cost? 

Camps cost anywhere from less than $100 to well over $1,000. Specialty prospect camps at top-15 schools may cost parents significantly more due to travel expenses. 

What are the best volleyball camps?

Many colleges run their own well-known volleyball camps. Stanford and Princeton University top the best volleyball colleges list. With University of Michigan and Northwestern being some of the best in the Midwest.

Other renowned camps include: 


Volleyball camps play a significant role in any athlete’s recruiting journey, providing a realistic assessment of your skills and connecting you with college coaches. Did you know that you can easily receive and respond to college camp invites through NCSA’s platform? Create a free recruiting profile today.  

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