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Volleyball Combines: Are Recruiting Combines Worth It for Volleyball?

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Volleyball combines help athletes collect verified measurements that college coaches look for on your recruiting profile. Find a volleyball combine near you with NCSA’s complete list of volleyball combines below and get answers to top questions about volleyball combines

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Top questions about volleyball combines 

What is a volleyball combine?

A volleyball combine gathers a large group of athletes to perform individual or position-specific drills. Combines do not include group or team play. Athletes will leave a combine with verified volleyball stats and a good indication of how you compare against other athletes.

Why attend volleyball combines? 

For all high-school athletes that want to compete at the college level, attending combines play an important role in the college recruiting process. You will receive verified measureables that can catch the attention of top recruiters. With only around 6 percent of high-school volleyball players going on to play in college, the exposure to coaches that volleyball clinics provide could make the difference between being recruited and slipping under the radar. 

What’s the difference between combines and training camps? 

Volleyball combines are typically a more skill-intensive event that is put on specifically so that athletes can document and showcase their skills to potential recruiters and coaches. 

Although elite-level volleyball players will often already be on a coach’s radar, there are many circumstances where combines are necessary for these top-level athletes to generate direct interest from major schools.  

Volleyball combines drills and what to expect from volleyball combines   

Combines are considered a “first look” event. Rather than spending one to three full days at a college camp, combines give each player an equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills sets in front of college coaches in just 1 to 2 hours.  

On the day of a combine, athletes will: 

During the combine, each athlete’s athleticism and significant metrics will be evaluated and recorded, including: 

women's volleyball measurements

Athletes will also participate in both a 5-10-5 drill and T-drill. After the combine, athletes will leave with their volleyball stats and a good indication of how they stack up against other college-bound volleyball players. 

How much does it cost to get into volleyball combines?   

Combine fees are generally less than tournament fees, but you still get some of the same value. Athletes typically pay between $50-$125 to attend a combine which offers similar exposure to that of college camps. 

What are the top volleyball combines? 

Some of the top volleyball combines are: 


Combines are an inexpensive and verified way to collect important volleyball measurements. Upload your new combine stats to your NCSA Recruiting Profile for college coaches to review.

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