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Volleyball Clinics: What Are They and Why Go to Them?

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College coaches want athletes dedicated to improving their game. Attending a volleyball clinic demonstrates this to coaches and helps you become a stronger player. Search NCSA’s list of volleyball clinics below to find volleyball clinics near you and get answers to top questions about volleyball clinics

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Top questions about volleyball clinics 

What are volleyball clinics?

Volleyball clinics offer 1:1 coaching with drills to develop skills that you need to improve your game. Clinics are offered as one or multiple sessions. 

When do clinics start for volleyball? 

Clinics are offered throughout the year, but summer is a popular time for athletes to enroll with school out. You can find local volleyball clinics that are a more affordable alternative to summer camps, but don’t offer the same exposure. 

What are advanced volleyball clinics? 

For more advanced players bound for D1 schools, there are more exclusive and demanding clinics. Many of these are on an invitation-only basis. But students who are invited to an elite volleyball clinic should not assume they will receive a roster offer or scholarship. 

Elite clinics will invite 100+ athletes in order to cover the costs of the programs. Unless you have been formally contacted by college coaches attending an elite clinic, you may be overlooked. That said, almost all volleyball players who go on to play at the D1 level will have attended a prospect camp or elite clinic. 

How much does it cost to get into volleyball clinics? 

Volleyball clinics are a relatively inexpensive option for athletes looking to work on their technique. Athletes can choose from private and group clinics that cost between $60-$150. Some clinics are even offered in packages (i.e. 5 sessions for $90), giving you the most bang for your buck. 


Athletes of all skill levels can benefit from attending volleyball clinics. Add footage of you applying your new skillset to your highlight video.

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