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The Role of College Volleyball Showcases in the Recruiting Process

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Volleyball showcases play a big role in gaining exposure to college coaches and getting recruited. NCSA has created a list of college volleyball showcases for you to search through below and also provides answers to top questions about volleyball showcases

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Top questions about volleyball showcases 

What is a showcase for volleyball?

Volleyball showcases are focused on providing you with exposure. They allow you to perform in front of dozens of coaches and make connections with college programs. This experience can be pivotal during your volleyball recruiting process.

What should you expect from volleyball showcases?  

During a volleyball showcase, you will run through drills designed to highlight individual and positional skills. You will also engage in gameplay to provide college coaches an opportunity to evaluate talent. A typically showcase schedule looks like this: 

After the showcase, athletes are usually given an evaluation, either digitally or a paper copy. You will also have the option to purchase video footage from the gameplay portion of the showcase, which can be used to create a highlight video.  

What are club recruiting showcases and practices? 

Many clubs have started hosting recruiting showcases that they invite college coaches (typically from the surrounding area) to attend. College coaches might also stop by to watch a club team practice, especially if that coach has a good relationship with the club coach. These events are typically less about the coaches discovering new talent and more about evaluating athletes who are already on their list.  

Athletes must pick a club team that supports their recruiting goals, and this is a great case for why that’s so important. Dozens of coaches might be invited to a club’s recruiting camp or practices, but if none of those coaches are from schools an athlete is interested in, then these recruiting camps won’t be of much help. 

What does it cost to attend a volleyball showcase?  

Volleyball showcases range in cost from $200-$500. Athletes will have the choice of registering for either the morning, afternoon or both sessions. Registering for one session will save you money, but attending both sessions will allow you to maximize your time in front of the college coaches.  

Are volleyball showcases worth it?

If you are serious about playing volleyball in college, then volleyball showcases are worth it. Showcases allow you to perform in front of multiple college coaches and division levels, giving you the chance to get your name on a coach’s recruiting list.

What are the top volleyball showcases? 

Some of the best volleyball showcases are: 

What is the Top 20 Volleyball Showcase?

The Top 20 Volleyball Showcase is designed for high school volleyball players who want to play in college. This is a unique opportunity to compete with some of the best volleyball athletes in the country while college coaches are present – in fact, coaches run the event! Each event is limited to an 8:1 player to coach ratio.


Showcases are one of the best recruiting events for volleyball players looking to compete at the college level. Don’t forget to reach out to college coaches after attending a showcase to continue building your recruiting relationship. Create an NCSA Recruiting Profile and access college coach contact information. Don’t have one?

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