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Human Resources

The HR team keeps NCSA employees happy and healthy by providing top employee benefits, recruiting new talent, onboarding team members, and organizing health services. Are you passionate about creating an exceptional employee experience?

Lisa Amann

"NCSA is an amazing and special place. It is a critical priority to the HR team and me that we do everything we can to provide a fun, vibrant environment and compelling perks and benefits for the team. We want every teammate happy, healthy, and set up for success." - Lisa Amann, VP of Human Resources

Recruiting Coordinators and Specialists

Our recruiting coordinators and specialists get to talk about sports every day. They help high school athletes and their parents better understand the recruiting process and how they can use NCSA to play their sport at a college that's right for them. Plus, our recruiting coordinators and specialists enjoy the benefit of flexible work hours.

Cory Wallman

"It’s a great feeling leaving work knowing you’ve helped dozens of student-athletes get one step closer to reaching their dream of competing in college." - Cory Wallman, EVP of Recruiting

Recruiting Coaches

The head recruiting coaches are former collegiate athletes and coaches who are passionate about college recruiting and know the process inside and out. They live and breathe their sport. And they love helping the next generation of athletes reach their dreams of playing college sports. Our HRCs help athletes and their families every day - see if you have what it takes to join their ranks.

Rick McDole

"We are in a position to really influence a student-athlete’s entire recruiting journey, and it’s so much fun to watch a young athlete gain confidence and self-awareness throughout the process. I come to work every day knowing that I get to help another family on their path to college." - Rick McDole, VP of Recruiting Operations

Product Development Team

Our developers are responsible for creating and maintaining in-house products and applications, which attract millions of users each year. Working in an agile environment, our collaborative product development team can code in their sleep and navigate Ruby on Rails blindfolded.

Bill Seitz.

"We strive to provide best-in-class products and applications, and it’s really exciting to keep redefining excellence in our industry." - Bill Seitz, Director of Product Development

Marketing and Design

Our marketers tell the story of NCSA with video, email campaigns, social media, content, our website and event collateral. They spread the word - and share our passion for college recruiting to the families who need our help. Are you a data-driven creative who's excited about finding new ways to reach families?

David Frank.

"Great content marketing doesn’t sound or feel like marketing. It’s not so much about the stuff you make or the service you provide, but more about the stories you can tell. Here, you’ll craft, produce, and amplify content that will have a profound and positive impact on the lives of high school athletes everywhere." - David Frank, VP of Marketing

Data Science and Analytics

The Data Science and Analytics team at NCSA provides data-driven insight that helps support the decisions that shape our business. Their work touches all departments, so they pride themselves on acquiring a wide array of skills to tackle a diverse set of problems. If you love stats, coding, or learning new skills each day, take a look at the opportunities available on our data team.

Adam Greuling.

"Our team works with every part of the business: marketing, sales, finance and more. It’s exciting to be in a position where you get to continually grow and learn new skills." - Adam Greuling, VP of Engineering

Accounting and Finance

Our Accounting and Finance team is responsible for some of the company's most crucial functions: ensuring employees get paid, accounts are settled, balance are paid and NCSA has a sound financial infrastructure. In other words, they make sure the cash is coming in and going out the right places. If you're an Excel enthusiast who has a deep interest in accounts receivable, meet our Accounting and Finance team.

Jaff Plack

"The company’s bottom line is important but is overshadowed by the importance of helping student-athletes and changing lives." - Jeff Plack, Chief Financial Officer

Information Technology

Our IT employees maintain the system that enables everyone to effectively do their job - and they must create innovative solutions to any number of technology issues. At NCSA, you have the opportunity to update network infrastructure and keep essential systems performing at their best for a fast-paced company with over 600 team members.

Rick Nelson

"The best part of my job is knowing every day is going to be different. There are always new problems to solve and new teammates to work with." - Rick Nelson, IT Manager

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