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Nike Tennis Camp

Nike tennis camps are fun and can help you improve.

Anyone who loves tennis will get some great benefits from attending a Nike Tennis Camp. It’s an immersive experience that brings discipline, technique and strategy into focus. Nike tennis teaches good sportsmanship that takes participants far beyond the court. Summer tennis camps make vacation time more fun and productive. A winter tennis camp in Hawaii or Florida provides a much-needed respite from cold weather and kick-starts tennis fever for spring competition.

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What is Nike Tennis Camp?

Nike Tennis Camp offers residential or overnight camp, day camp and extended day camp. Most programs take place at regional universities. Nike Tennis Camp coaches strive to make a real difference in each student’s life. For the college-bound student, working with a top tennis instructor can provide a competitive edge in the tennis recruiting process and the competition for men’s or women’s college tennis scholarships.

Day camp sessions typically run for five days from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., with extended day camps lasting until 9 p.m. Campers work and play with others at a similar skill level. Professional tennis coaches not only provide tennis lessons for basic and advanced skillsets but also strive to boost confidence and the competitive spirit.

Overnight tennis camp provides all meals and housing for those who attend. Each camper gets up to 30 hours of intensive tennis lessons, drills and competitive play. Once camp is over and campers return to their home teams, they are stronger, fresher and better prepared to win.

You can find out details about a camp close to you on the USSC Nike Tennis Camp page. For example, on the page for Nike Tennis Camp at Fountain Valley School in Colorado Springs, you can read about the coaches, view photos and video from actual camp sessions, and find camp dates and schedules. You will also find reviews from Nike Tennis Camp alumni, which speak volumes about the entire experience. You can see the cost and availability of camp on this page as well.

Tennis great Billie Jean King laid the groundwork for today’s Nike Tennis Camps, and current USSC CEO Charlie Hoeveler developed King’s concept into the largest sports camp company worldwide. In 2019, USSC served more than 100,000 campers in 16 different sports. The driving force behind the success of the Nike Tennis Camp experience is the professional coaching staff, which focuses on positivity while helping campers strive for improvement.

Despite the name, Nike does not own or operate Nike Tennis Camp. It licenses USSC as its official operator.

Nike tennis camps are fun and can help you improve.

Details on Nike Tennis Camps

The cost of a session at a Nike Tennis Camp varies by location and duration. For example, Nike Tennis Day Camp starts at around $500 while some of the overnight tennis camps may cost more than $1500.

Even so, this can be a good deal when you consider that high school tennis players who benefit from working with professional tennis instructors in a well-organized Nike athletic camp have a better chance of winning scholarships to play college tennis in NCAA tennis programs.

A high school tennis player who has a well-rounded resume, including attendance at top sports camps, is more likely to get noticed by college recruiters. An excellent track record at tennis tournaments is also important.

Those elite players in the top five singles or doubles slots in the nation are those most likely to be tapped for scholarships, but players who have excellent backgrounds as competitors also stand a good chance of winning partial scholarships to play college tennis at their university of choice. They key is to get noticed early in the game.

Catching the attention of a top tennis coach at Nike tennis summer camps or winter tennis camps can be an entry into the college recruiting system. If your child is a high school tennis player looking to compete in NCAA tennis, building an online sports profile is essential to a scholarship bid. You can find tips, tools and advice for high school athletes who want to create a winning profile in the NCSA men’s tennis recruiting zone and women’s tennis recruiting pages.

Nike summer tennis camps take place throughout the nation, so chances are good that you can find one in your region. Examples of regional camps include but are not limited to:

Each camp has its own advantages and unique character, but all Nike Tennis Camps operate according to the same high standards.

Nike tennis camps are fun and can help you improve.

If there are no Nike summer tennis camps nearby, you can search for other tennis summer camps or winter tennis camps that are more convenient. Adidas Tennis Camps have locations in 19 states for children ages 8 through 18. The cost for Adidas tennis programs is similar to the Nike Camps pricing. IMG Academy is another alternative to look into. It offers both summer and winter tennis camps for 8 to 18-year-olds. IMG prices are based on skill level and range from under $3,000 to just over $4,500 per week for overnight sessions. A comprehensive list of camps near you is also available at Athnet.

Types of camps offering tennis lessons for kids, college-bound athletes and college tennis players include:

Junior day camps, extended day camps and overnight camps organize groups according to age and ability level. Lunch and snacks are included. Overnight camps include meals and recreation in addition to intensive training, technical instruction and competitive play.

Adult Nike Tennis Camps deliver an immersive experience in which campers live and breathe tennis while in residence at the camp location. The camp staff groups individuals according by skill level, from beginner to advanced. Keen competition and intensive coaching give college athletes a significant advantage in regular season play as well as during college tennis championships.

Seasonal tennis programs, such as summer camps, winter camps and spring break tennis camps, work with students’ schedules by offering sessions during school breaks. All of these camps place participants using the following criteria:

Youth tennis camps cater to younger players, such as 10 and under. Younger children are likely to get the most from a day camp format because they go home each evening.

Older campers can attend teen tennis camps for players up to age 18. Day programs and overnight formats are available, and some camps offer weekend sessions for those students staying over multiple weeks. High school tennis camps target participants in the 14 through 18 age group.

College athletes have options in college tennis camps, such as elite tennis camps where university students get expert training from elite coaches, meet other tennis players on a similar level of play and compete in challenging match play. Nike Adult Tennis Camps provide multi-skill level programs to benefit beginners through advanced players.

Nike tennis camps are fun and can help you improve.

In addition to tennis training camps, special tennis events like the following provide proving grounds where players can demonstrate their skills in drills and competitive play:

Tennis showcases offer elite players a forum to show off their games. Typically attended by athlete promoters, showcases include drills as well as match play. Combines are primarily events that test the abilities of participants in terms of general athleticism and tennis technique.

Tennis clinics provide specific instruction focused on essential tennis skills. Participants receive group and one-on-one instruction like they do in camp, but a clinic provides a more condensed experience.

Additionally, Nike sports camps offer tennis training to international students. Multi-week tennis camp sessions with weekend activities that include ESL instruction facilitate a beneficial experience for international campers.

The Importance of Professional Tennis Coaches and Instructors

Coaches and instructors are key to the quality and development of tennis play and tennis showcases. They help top players attract the eyes of tennis recruiting professionals at top Nike camp programs throughout the nation.

When you are reviewing college tennis camps, be sure to look at the profile of each tennis coach and read the remarks of former campers regarding their experience. Select a tennis coach who could help your player earn a spot on an NCAA team.

If you and your child have set your sights on a particular NCAA tennis team, touching base with that team’s coach is a good opening strategy. The coach may be able to recommend a particular tennis instructor at a nearby camp. Keep in mind that tennis camp participants get exposure to some of the best college coaches, so it is well worth it for a college-bound athlete to attend.

Coaches have the final word on the distribution of scholarships. College tennis is an equivalency sport, which allows coaches and recruiters to divvy up their scholarship allotment between players, so there is more to go around. However, the fact remains that tennis scholarships are in high demand and short supply. They typically go to the most gifted athletes because coaches want their teams to win college tennis championships.

Recruiters are also looking for top athletes with top academic records. Grades can make the difference if recruiters are choosing between tennis players with equivalent skills.

It is not enough, though, to excel in the sport and in school. Scholarship hopefuls must put themselves forward to get noticed by recruiters. NCSA is a leading recruiting service helping high school athletes get noticed. With a comprehensive network of college recruiters and coaches using NSCA as a trusted resource, the organization promotes promising tennis athletes to the people who make the scholarship decisions at top universities.

Use these helpful tennis resources as you seek your athletic scholarship:

NSCA Overview

An early innovator in applying digital technology to the time-honored system of college recruiting, NSCA continues to lead the industry in innovation, dependability and success. Its proprietary recruit match system is invaluable to the college-bound athlete for selecting the best fit in colleges.

Over the years, NSCA has created one of the strongest, most trusted college coaches network. In fact, that network currently includes more than 35,000 college and university coaches who trust NSCA to provide the detailed information they need to put together championship programs. Over the past two decades, NSCA has helped more than 150,000 student athletes move up to college level competitive play.

NSCA takes a holistic approach that accounts for every step of the recruiting process. These include:

NCSA has years of experience helping college prospects connect with coaches and recruiters. We strive to ensure that our athletes find the right college program for their skillsets and goals. With thousands of success stories in our archives, we represent your best bet for helping your child excel in NCAA tennis.

You and your athlete can get started on your online profile for college recruitment, visit NCSA today. Call 866 495 5172 to speak with a representative to discuss your options, browse our comprehensive website or fill out our contact form. We look forward to helping you navigate college athletics and build a positive platform for the future.

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