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Coaches Corner: St. Edward’s University Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Nick Cowell

1. How would you describe yourself as a coach?

Organized, passionate, want my players to achieve their potential, take an interest in them as people not just athletes

2. What is unique about the experience at your school?

Nationally ranked soccer program, highly rated academics and we do a lot of community service.

3. What do recruits need to know about you?

I am demanding and want you to succeed

4. What do you look for in recruits?

– Athleticism

– Confidence

– Positive attitude

– Team player

– Leadership

– Excel in at least one thing

5. What is the one thing every recruit needs to do with the recruiting process?

Be organized and be proactive – don’t wait for coaches to call you

6. What sort of questions do you really like to hear from recruits?

Questions specific to my team showing that they have done some research

-Questions about the way academics and athletics fits into the daily life of a student-athlete

7. What turns you off when you are recruiting a student athlete?

Someone who has no questions.

8. What do you think your program is the most successful at?

Combining academic success (3.62 GPA), athletic achievement (Sweet 16, Ranked #7 in nation), and giving back to the community in numerous projects

9. Why should a recruit consider your program?

Only consider if self-motivated and desire to have a positive, hard-working college experience that will hold you in good stead for the future

10. If a recruit is interested in your program, how should they reach out to you?


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Aaron Sorenson


  • Great information. The six things you look for are some of the things our club soccer coaches looks for in us. It is good to know that we are all on the same track. I fit athletics and band into my academics. I am a pre-AP student — all A’s and one B each six weeks. I have a passion for doing my best. I’m competitive that way.