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Women’s Basketball Recruiting Rules to Change

2013 NCAA Convention News

This past weekend the Board of Directors adopted a new recruiting model for Division I Women’s Basketball effective August 1, 2013.

  • It will eliminate restrictions on modes of communication beginning Sept. 1 before the junior year in high school. It will also allow communication with recruits and off-campus contacts to begin at that time.
  • Adds a weekend of evaluation at a certified non-scholastic event in April and prohibits the evaluation period from falling on Easter weekend.
  • Moves the start date for the September contact period a week earlier.
  • Confines off-campus contacts during the junior year only at the prospect’s educational institution or residence.
  • Allows recruiting opportunities with juniors and seniors to be either contacts or evaluations, but prohibits contacts while classes are in session or the day of an athletics competition for the prospects.
  • Official visits will be allowed beginning the Thursday after the national championship game of the prospect’s junior year. Official visits are permitted during the summer, but not during dead or July evaluation periods. Schools are allowed to pay for travel expenses for the student-athlete and two parents or legal guardians.
  • Allow tryouts.
  • Creates a summer-access model that requires enrollment in summer school or a certain level of academic achievement in order for the student-athletes to participate in eight hours per week of weight training, conditioning and skill instruction.

The summer access and tryouts pieces are effective immediately!

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