How To Be a College Hockey Player — Or At Least Play One On TV [Video]

wisconsin hockey team poses for their how to be a college hockey player video

The World Juniors continue this weekend and will culminate in a gold medal match on Monday. And while the U.S. is out, we still have a little ice flowing through our veins.

Which is why it was great to stumble back on this video from the Wisconsin Badgers men’s team from last season: How to be a college hockey player.

A couple weeks ago, we talked about a day in the life of a college softball player.

This video is a little less representative. And a little less helpful, if you’re strictly looking for practical ways to become a college hockey player.

But it’s pretty funny, nevertheless. And we’re pretty sure that no hairspray containers were harmed in the making of the video.

And if you like the sound of playing ice hockey in college, we can help.

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