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This Football Player Didn’t Let Any Injury Stop Him

(Flickr - John Martinez Pavliga)

(Flickr – John Martinez Pavliga)

Playing sports comes with its rewards — but also with its fair share of dangers. The shin splints. The bumps and bruises. And, sometimes, even larger injuries.

Sometimes they’re scary ones, like cracked vertebrae in your back, as Eddy Fish, an offensive lineman of Lawrence Academy in Massachusetts experienced.

“At the time, I was too heavy. I weighed 335 pounds. With that much weight and that much pounding, eventually something is going to tear down and it did,” Eddy told ESPN. “Looking back on it now, it ended up being a good thing for me because it made me take a step back. I started to feel that in order to reach my goals I knew I needed to put a whole new work-ethic into place. I knew I needed to lose weight, be more athletic, get stronger and be able to sustain my body and stay healthy because no one wants a big guy around who keeps getting hurt.”

You can read the full story about Eddy’s recovery and dedication on ESPN.

Recovering from sports injuries can leave you better than ever.

With focus and diet, he lost almost fifty pounds while putting on muscle and gaining the flexibility he needed to be a top plyaer.

And his dedication has paid off, catching the attention first of his coaches, and then of college recruiters. “There are a lot of great athletes out there but not a lot of great football players. Eddy has started to take that next step to become a great football player. He is mentally tough, has worked very hard on his technique, has gone to a lot of camps and has received a lot of great coaching from a bunch of different coaches,” Eddy’s coach told ESPN.

“There is a lot more to it than just being a great athlete. To get to those levels you need to have a lot of things and I think Eddy has it.”

After his recover from sports injury, Eddy will play college football

Eddy made multiple headlines throughout the year, including the news that he flipped his verbal commitment to Boston College to the University of Illinois.

And last week, Eddy made that commitment official:

For high school student-athletes who are still trying to find the right fit for their college sports, stories like Eddy’s prove that it’s as much about heart as it is about your physical strength. Even when Eddy was getting heavily recruited his senior year, he kept his focus on the season ahead of him:

“It’s not my main focus right now,” he told ESPN, when asked about his recruiting decision. “My focus is on winning another championship here. Obviously it is in the back of your mind but I just want to play out the season and see where things go.”

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