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Demetrius Walton, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Demetrius Walton, Recruiting Coordinator

Walsh University
[email protected]
(872) 895-7012

I grew up in a single family household raised by my mother. Grew up in poverty and from the rough parts of my town, surrounded by drugs and “the streets.” I am the youngest of 4 all older brothers. Sports saved me. I played football, basketball, baseball and ran track. Football was my main sport but basketball is my favorite sport and I could say I am equally talented. I’m from Ohio so I love to rep the Cavs, Browns, Buckeyes, and of course the Golden Flashes! Being involved in sports made me the man I am today. Sports taught me life lessons and having coaches and mentors to help me understand that and sports is a main reason of going to college and having friends building my social skills and connections. Playing sports changed my life for the better and I am forever grateful. I played college football at Kent State where I won a championship with the team and changed my way of thinking putting me on the right path towards success and entrepreneurship. Sports changed my views and perspectives and taught me valuable lessons on growth and life. I also played football and ran track at Walsh University. I received by Bachelors of science degree in exercise science in 2017. I am a certified nutrition coach through NASM and run a personal training business as well.

The reason why I chose to work for NCSA is that I can help student athletes who have no idea about the recruiting process get scholarships and change there lives for the better and helping kids reach their goals of playing college ball. So giving back and helping families is a passion of mines. It’s a blessing that I can help student athletes find their perfect match to continue their education and playing career. I value relationships and enjoy connecting with my college teammates and friends I made through sports and helping the families of the student athletes that are looking for our help to give them more opportunities to better their lives. I am determined to help those around me in any way I can.