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Kristin Adams, Recruiting Coach at NCSA

Kristin Adams, Recruiting Coach

University of Michigan
[email protected]
(312) 429-4749

I grew up in a small town in New Hampshire where my first competitive sport experience was on a jump rope team. I fell in love with all aspects of sport, teamwork and competition. The older I got the more sports I tried, until I found my true passion in volleyball.

As a leader on the court, I was a setter all through high school and club. My recruiting experience was unique as I chose my school first and applied early decision to St. Lawrence University. I had barely any film and started the recruiting conversation very late and was not guaranteed a spot on the roster. However, I was able to compete as a DS my freshman year. I then transitioned into a new role and was awarded the opportunity to be their first Student Assistant Coach throughout the rest of my time at SLU. I fell in love with all aspects of coaching, and went on to head coach the local 18U club team as well.

I moved to Ann Arbor, MI to pursue my Master’s in Sport Management at the University of Michigan and continued coaching as the Assistant Volleyball Coach at a local NAIA school in 2018 as well as a head coach to a freshman high school team. I love building solid culture, mental toughness and helping athlete’s build their confidence.

Part of the reason I am so passionate about the mission and vision of NCSA is because of my own recruiting experience, or should I say, lack there of. I did not know I should have been videoing myself throughout high school, how to talk to coaches, what to ask on my campus visit, you name it. I was fortunate enough to remain a part of the team regardless of my recruiting prior to being admitted, but would have so appreciated help and guidance along the way to have a better understanding of the process.

I love connecting with families and passing on the knowledge I wish I had as a recruit as well as what I have learned now from the coaching side of things. Finding that best fit school in all aspects is the goal and I do not take that lightly!

My husband and I are still in Ann Arbor, MI, where we both coach in our off time during the fall and have a 2 year old spaniel, Rudy.