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Simon Ackerfield, Senior Recruiter at NCSA

Simon Ackerfield, Senior Recruiter

College of Southern Nevada
[email protected]

I attended an early college high school, so my experience with collegiate sports was unlike any that I have heard. I played football and basketball until my senior year with hopes to at least play on the community college level. Our high school was situated on the junior college campus so it was really my dream to play on the team. I was an average player at best and had no schools recruit for me. I had a great relationship with the CC basketball head coach and he invited me to join in on team scrimmages, warm ups, and some classes. Unfortunately, I never got the full recruiting experience, and I never stepped foot on the court for a college team. I moved out of state to pursue a degree in health care with sports still in the back of my mind. When health care didn’t work out I started working towards a business degree and landed a job in recruiting at a Caterpillar dealership. I loved my job and all the aspects of recruiting that came with it. I was coming up on my second year with the company and felt like I was putting in massive amounts of effort but unable to get ahead. I went on LinkedIn one day and stumbled upon the recruiting coordinator position. After doing research it seemed like the perfect mix of recruiting and sports that I was looking. The idea of potentially giving a high school athlete the collegiate career that I never had is inspiring and makes my job very fulfilling.