Field Hockey Recruiting Timeline

Freshman Year Field Hockey Recruiting 

  • Research 3-5 field hockey schools a month
  • Create a list of 50 prospective schools—consider both athletics and academics
  • Film highlight video to showcase your skills and athleticism
  • Send introduction emails to field hockey coaches
  • Go on at least 3 campus tours on your own before or after a camp or clinic—unofficial/official visits are prohibited until August 1 before junior year 
  • Build relationships with coaches by sending emails with event schedule information
  • Attend field hockey camps at colleges you are interested in to develop your skills and gain exposure 

Rules/Tips to Remember:

  • Field hockey coaches are watching you develop throughout high school at camps, clinics and showcases
  • D3 coaches can contact you anytime 


Sophomore Year Field Hockey Recruiting 

  • Add at least 2 more highlight videos with new game footage (indoor/outdoor)
  • Get an honest evaluation from your coach
  • Continue to research prospective schools and compile your target list
  • Keep building relationships by making calls and sending emails to coaches
  • Fill out recruiting questionnaires from schools on your target list
  • Follow teams on Instagram and Twitter
  • Attend field hockey camps at colleges you are interested in to develop your skills and gain exposure
  • Register on the NCAA Eligibility Center

Rules/Tips to Remember:

  • You can receive brochures for field hockey camps and questionnaires
  • D1 coaches can start communicating with recruits on June 15 after sophomore year, including private messages, phone calls and making verbal offers 
  • D3 coaches can contact you anytime
  • D1 coaches develop their recruiting lists 2-4 years out
  • D2 and D3 coaches develop their recruiting lists 2-3 years out


Junior Year Field Hockey Recruiting 

  • Continue updating your highlight video with new footage
  • Follow up with coaches you’ve contacted in a timely fashion
  • Communicate with coaches via phone, email and social media—coaches can contact you starting June 15 after sophomore year 
  • Continue to be proactive in coach communication–promptly respond to EVERY coach
  • Ask coaches if you are being considered for their recruiting class
  • Narrow down your target schools list based on coach feedback
  • Plan unofficial visits to schools and meet with coaches

  Rules/Tips to Remember: 

  • You are allowed to receive recruiting material and information from field hockey coaches starting June 15 after sophomore year 
  • College coaches can call, email or DM recruits starting June 15 after sophomore year 
  • Unofficial and official visits are allowed beginning August 1 before junior year 
  • Recruits are limited to 5 D1 official visits (1 per school)
  • Official visits to D2 and D3 schools are unlimited
  • Unofficial visits are unlimited to any school at any time—they come at the expense of the student-athlete
  • D1 coaches can start making verbal offers anytime after June 15 following sophomore year–verbal commitments are considered binding


Senior Year Field Hockey Recruiting 

  • Make official campus visits and meet with coaches—be prepared for the possibility of receiving a scholarship offer
  • Follow up with coaches and respond to emails, phone calls, texts and DMs in a timely fashion
  • Submit applications to your target schools
  • Apply for FAFSA on or after October 1 of senior year
  • Sign and commit to a college field hockey program

Rules and Tips to Remember:

  • Off-campus contact with coaches is allowed on or after August 1 before your junior year 
  • D3 coaches do the majority of their recruiting during junior and senior year





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