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Sports Camp: How to Improve Your Skills and Get Exposed by Coaches

Partake in a sports camp this summer to hone your skills.  Find the best camps with help from NCSA.

The most common question for high school athletes may be, “Where are the sports camps near me?”.  Sports camps provide a tremendous number of benefits for those who are involved in the college sports recruiting process. Most importantly, they provide opportunities to immerse yourself in your sport and improve and learn skills that you can take back to your high school or club team. In many cases, its skills that you can use for the rest of your life. However, there’s another benefit to taking part in athletic camps, and that’s being able to, in some cases, perform in front of coaches who you’re looking to impress and possibly play for in college.

What makes for the best sports camps is quality coaching, so make sure to research who will be doing the teaching and only consider ones with top instructors. You also want to ensure that the specific skills that you’re looking to strengthen taught. As far as exposure goes, consider attending a camp that’s being organized by one or more colleges that you’re seriously considering. However, do consider that being discovered there is unlikely, but if you’re already communicating with the coaches there, taking part in their camp can only help.

You should also consider what type of sports camp it is. Some of the most common ones are specific to boys or girls or athletes of certain ages or are day camps, night camps or elite camps. Cost is an essential factor too. It varies a bit and is dependent on many factors, but a rough estimate would be about $500.

Sports Camps Near Me

Sports camps near you and otherwise are generally focused on one of a variety of sports, sometimes on a select skill within that sport. Are you looking to work on your ability to catch a football in traffic? Are you hoping to improve your skills at passing the basketball and otherwise become a better point guard? Need to learn how to throw a baseball with enough movement to strike hitters out? Perhaps your ability to set a volleyball needs to improve for you to attain a scholarship. Looking to improve your movement in the box as you attempt to stop soccer balls from getting past you and into the net? Of course, football camps, basketball camps, baseball camps, volleyball camps, and soccer camps can also be more general in nature than these specific examples.

Choose your sport and find a sports camp near you here.

Biggest Sports Camps

If you’re looking for sport camps with a 40+ year history backing their training methodology, consider IMG Academy. This organization is based in Bradenton, Fla., and offers customizable camp programs for baseball, basketball, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, and track & field. Each camp features training sessions specific to each sport as well as developmental opportunities in areas such as mental toughness, speed and agility, nutrition, leadership and communication, and more.

Although proximity is a definite plus when considering a sports camp, it’s essential also to consider the whole picture as some of the best and biggest basketball camps, football camps, softball camps, volleyball camps and other types of sports camps may not be in your immediate proximity but might be worth traveling for.

One of these is PGC (Point Guard College). Those who have attended this camp have reported gratitude at how informative it was in helping them increase their basketball IQ while playing at the point and elsewhere on the court.

An option to consider for baseball players are Nike baseball camps. Fortunately, Nike elite sports camps are situated throughout the country and in the baseball hotbed of the Dominican Republic, so these Nike sports camps might be included amongst the sports camps near you. The facilities used and low camper-to-instructor ratio help ensure their quality.

Note that Nike elite camps are also offered for sports such as soccer and volleyball, so players in those sports should strongly consider Nike sports camps too.

Another Florida-based year-round option to consider is ESPN Wide World of Sports Camps. ESPN sports camps come in a variety of sports, and these ESPN sports camps provide high-quality coaching and instruction in a positive learning environment.

Also, make sure to look at Adidas sports camps. The variety of sports camp offerings here is impressive. Adidas sports camps can involve those as young as eight years old as well as youngsters of various ages who are looking to learn a sport. However, in the latter case, it’s best if he or she is 13 or younger. Regardless of skill level, note that these sports camps generally last weeks.

Sign up for a sports camp this summer to hone your skills. Find the best camps with help from NCSA.

Finding a Sports Camp

In addition to consulting the links included here, look at the official athletics department websites of nearby schools to see if they’re offering any sports camps near you. Most schools, especially NCAA Division I ones, sponsor sports camps for boys and girls sports camps during the quieter times of the year for the coaching staffs and players with those teams, which is generally in the summer.

When deciding if these youth sports camps are for you, take into account a number of factors:

Youth sports camps have recorded an impressive track record over the years. There is no time like the present to try one out.

Talking to Coaches About Athletic Camps

It can only help to incorporate camps with your sports recruiting experience and let coaches at schools that you’re considering know which camps you’re attending. This is especially important to do if you’ll be at summer sports camps at that school as you can also ask for some detailed feedback since they’ll be able to see your practice and pick up skills in front of them. However, do note that sports recruits are not their focus at these sports summer camps.

Also, consider that sports recruitment rules state that coaches cannot contact sports recruits at certain times of the year or any point before the junior year of high school. However, you can contact them at any time and any age, so take advantage of that here and in other situations where doing so makes sense.

As far as off-campus sports camps go, know that coaches will often not attend them although some showcases are designed for that purpose, to showcase athletes off to college coaches.

Types of Sports Camps

The types of sports camps that exist can be quite varied. For example, there are ones that are focused on the time of the year such as summer sports camps and winter sports camps although sports summer camps do tend to be more popular as, “Are there summer sports camps near me?” will more likely be answered in the affirmative than, “Are there winter sports camps near me?”

Also, there are sports day camps as well as overnight sports camps. Perhaps you only have time available for sports day camps given your busy schedule, or maybe you can take advantage of the benefits of overnight sports camps.

Also, take into account that some sports training camps are broken down by gender – girls sports camps and sports camps for boys – while others are unisex. Although much of the instruction and skills imparted are the same regardless of the gender of those being taught, sometimes it’s beneficial to have gender-specific experiences. For example, this is especially the case in the sport of lacrosse, which has tremendous differences in the playing rules between the genders.

Register for a sports camp this summer to hone your skills. Find the best camps with help from NCSA.

You might also want to consider athletic camps featuring pro players. Learning from those who have been in your footsteps on their path to college ball and the pros can prove to be an invaluable experience. They understand not only the necessary fundamentals at a high level but also the strong mental game that is necessary to compete at a high level.

What Are Combines?

Combines are different from sports camps in a few significant ways. At these events, your athleticism is measured, and those results are then passed on to college coaches and others, who are rarely in attendance at these events but will consider these verified third-party measurements. These are valued more highly than those that are self-reported by you or coaches who you have played for.

College Sports Recruiting

For some athletes, taking part in a sports camp is one aspect of the college sports recruiting experience. What else goes into college sports recruiting? Nearly everything that you do. Of course, improving your abilities on the field, court, ice or other playing surface is of utmost importance, but you want to ensure that you’re getting the most out of yourself in the classroom as well. Doing so will help open up more doors as it’ll make coaches more apt to want to have you be a part of their teams, and it can also help open doors at academically prestigious institutions, which can be pushed all the way open when combined with what you have to offer athletically and otherwise.

Athletic Scholarships

One of the benefits of improving enough to be amongst the nation’s elite in your age group by taking advantage of what athletic camps have to offer and otherwise is being offered an athletic scholarship. These are available for a variety of sports including lesser-played ones such as fencing and water polo in addition to the ones that are nationally televised regularly such as football and basketball. Full scholarships be offered. In fact, for top football and basketball teams, these are the only ones that can be offered. Otherwise, partial scholarships are given out as well. Also make sure to consider schools that don’t offer athletic scholarships as many of them, which include the Ivy League schools and all NCAA Division III universities, provide a considerable amount of financial aid to the general student body. So, ask coaches at these schools for more information on that aspect of your decision as they can often provide the best total package when everything is considered.

NCSA College Recruiting provides a number of resources to help student-athletes learn the ins and outs of the recruiting process and how to ensure that they put their best foot forward and find the best fit possible. It also has coaches in mind as the organization wants to ensure that they find athletes who fit their programs as well so that both sides of this arrangement are pleased with how things end up turning out.

Take part in a sports camp this summer to hone your skills.  Find the best camps with help from NCSA.

Over the years, NCSA has received a tremendous number of positive reviews. For examples, the more than 2,000 reviews that have been posted to the organization’s Google page have averaged out to 4.9 out of a maximum 5.0 stars. NCSA reviews have also been posted through a variety of other resources as both athletes and coaches have voiced approval with NCSA’s services. Impressively, about 25,000 NCSA athletes committed to play sports in college in the past year while about 35,000 coaches are part of the NCSA network as well.

Are you looking to be added to this story that NCSA is writing? Would you like to have hundreds of former college athletes helping you through every step of this process? Do you want your profile to be viewed by coaches across the country? If you’d like to follow in the footsteps of Chris Krause, who founded NCSA in 2000 after being inspired by his own college recruiting experience as a football player in the 1980s, start your free football recruiting profile today, and we can get you started on that path. If you have any questions as you do so or about anything that we offer, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 866 495-5172.

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