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Advice from an NCSA D1 Committed Baseball Student-Athlete to UC, Davis

urlThis week Spencer Sundahl signed his National Letter of Intent with the University of California, Davis and he had some thoughts on how to help recruits in the future:

How did NCSA help you during this process?

NCSA helped me during this process by sending out my recruiting profile to many different colleges and really exposing me to a variety of coaches.

How did you handle all the college camp and baseball showcase invites that you received?

The way that I handled all the camp and showcase invites was that I would go to the college camps of the schools that I wanted to play for and I would follow up with the coaches afterwards. As far as showcases went, I would attend the ones that I felt were most important for me and where I thought I could get the most looks!

How did you balance your time in order to accomplish all of your priorities academically, athletically, socially, and for your recruiting?

I balanced my time by having my priories straight and always focusing on what I knew I wanted to do for a career. Academically, I would study for about 3 hours a night for a test or by doing homework. Athletically, after I was finished doing homework or studying I would go down to my dad’s baseball school that he owned and I would hit for about an hour, and then workout at the gym for about an hour 3 times a week. Socially, in between my breaks I would still text friends and go on twitter and Instagram but I would always make sure that I was focused on what I knew I had to get done at that time. Recruiting-wise, I made sure to stay in contact either by phone or email with coaches that really liked me and I would always update them on how my games would go or when I’m playing next so that they had a chance to see me!

We are excited to see Spencer’s continued success as an Aggie in the future and NCSA Athletic Recruiting wishes him the best!


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