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Everything You Need to Know About Nutrition & Hydration

This article was written by NCSA College Recruiting’s newest partner: Go Pro Workouts by their Featured Expert Gio Grassi.

Most important meals of the day:
Breakfast (within 30 min. of waking)

Pre-workout/practice (30 min. – 60 min. prior to exercise)

Post-workout/practice (< 30 min. post-exercise – MOST IMPORTANT)

Increases glycogen storage
Carbohydrates are the re-fueling nutrient for all athletes to prepare for the next bout/training session

During a workout you’re tearing your muscles up, allow them to recover by providing your body with proper food or fluid within 30 minutes after a bout or training session.

Feed every 2-3 hours (5+ meals/day)
Stimulates metabolism

Balances blood sugar

Improves health, body composition, and performance

Stay hydrated, a loss of just 2% of body weight can lead to:
Increases in perceived exertion and central fatigue

A reduction in plasma volume

Decreases in sweat rate and cooling

A decrease in mental performance

A decrease in fine motor skills and precision

A decrease in endurance and work capacity

Water in Human Organs (Organ Percentage Water)

Eat 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables/day
Fruits and vegetables are alkaline, which reduce the loss of bone strength and muscle mass

Contain more fiber

Have a high micronutrient/macronutrient ratio

Better management of blood sugar

Sleep 8+ hours/day
Major growth hormones are released at this time which aid in recovery

Learn to train like a pro, like the author of this article by visiting our partner Go Pro Workouts. The author, Giovanni Grassi, is a sports performance specialist at the Parisi Speed School in Fair Lawn, N.J.

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