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Want a Scholarship – Have Some Urgency!

After talking with thousands of families for the last three years who are involved in the recruiting process, there is one characteristic that 99% of those families lack which is preventing them from achieving the success they desire and deserve:  URGENCY

For some reason, the majority of the families navigating this process feel as though they can afford to wait.  Sadly, this sentiment is shared by freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and even seniors!  Let’s clear up any confusion right now:  College recruiting begins freshmen year.

There are freshmen in high school who are receiving letters and questionnaires from college coaches.  There are freshmen in high school who have started reaching out to college coaches and developing relationships.  There are freshmen in high school who currently have scholarship offers to play collegiate athletics. 

Every student athlete remembers their first letter from a college coach and with that in mind; every college coach wants to be that first letter.  The earlier they can develop a relationship with the student athlete, the better chance that coach has to convince the student athlete their program is the best. 

If college coaches are beginning this process as early as eighth grade, then why do some families think that as juniors in high school they have the luxury of waiting to get involved?  What are you waiting for?

IF, and I stress “if” because not every student athlete has to be 100% committed to playing collegiate athletics, you are serious about playing at the next level then  you should have started this process yesterday.  Everyday you wait to receive an evaluation, build an athletic resume website, create a skills or highlight tape, connect with college coaches, and develop relationships, is another day you are falling behind.

Not only are college coaches beginning this process early, but the serious student athletes who understand the commitment that recruiting takes are doing this work already!  These are the student athletes you will be competing with for roster spots.  This begs the question:  If you are competing with a student athlete who has taken dedicated steps towards being recruited and you have not, who is going to be more successful in the recruiting process?

I wish more than anything that I had some profound example of why this urgency is so vital to recruiting success, but the best I can do is pose this question and subsequent challenge: 

What are the advantages of waiting to start your recruiting process? 

I challenge someone to comment on the advantages that a student athlete will have by waiting to commit themselves to this process?  Anyone out there?

What are you waiting for?

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Adam Diorio

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  • Adam, you’re point is spot on! I can’t begin to tell you the number of seniors (over 100) I’ve spoken to over the last 3 months who regret not doing anything proactive for the last 3 years. Most common quotes, ” If only I knew that I needed to start earlier.” And, “is it too late?” And, “my high school coach told me to wait.” That last one is the WORST advice. As a parent who went through this, I’m glad we started thinking about this process before my child was in high school. And I’m very grateful I received professional help throughout the process beginning the end of freshman year. There is only one right way to do this and starting early is a very important component of managing recruiting the right way.