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Networking to Your Advantage

Written by Debra Denzer, parent of 2015 baseball recruit

Networking is so important in business today but how many parents are encouraging their college recruit to use this to get additional exposure and information?  Recently my son attended a workout in another state as part of an identification program within USA Baseball.  Because of some logistical issues we ended up with an extra day with no activities planned.

After several e-mails we decided to have him do some informal lessons with a couple of young professional players as recommended by the facility holding the workout.  One devoted to hitting and the second to infield.  Following both sessions, both of the young men he worked with asked for his contact information.  One to pass onto his previous alma mater and the other to stay in touch (he’s currently in AA with the A’s organization).

Both instructors talked to him about their experiences with college recruiting and how they ended up where they were at.  Not only did my son make some new contacts, but he was able to get exposure to a couple of competitive programs that he probably wouldn’t have considered before that.  He now has both schools in his “favorites” within his NCSA account and is able to use them as references in communications with those schools.

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