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Side-Arm Pitcher Signs National Letter of Intent to Play College Baseball

athlete_137022_profileNick McKinney recently made one of the biggest and most exciting decisions of his life by signing with Northwest Missouri State University in order to continue his baseball career after high school. He was kind enough to answer some questions about his recruiting process:

What was the most exciting and surprising part of the process?

There really was two exciting part of the process that really stand out to me. One was really my initial steps in talking to coaches and building relationships with them. It was always a dream to be recruited to play college baseball, so once I started seeing interest from schools It became an exciting time for me and my family. My other exciting part of the process was signing my National Letter of Intent. That was a dream come to me and one of the best feelings too see all that hard work payoff. The most surprising part of the process for me was the level of communication I had with coaches and schools. I probably sent out over ten emails a day at least, also combined with text messages and phone calls with coaches.

What obstacles did you face and how did you overcome them?

I had probably a few more obstacles then most potential college student-athletes. I changed from an outfielder to a side-arm pitcher only going into my junior year of high school. This meant I basically had to start over my recruiting process. In one offseason I had to learn my craft and make the transition to pitcher. I also had to convince coaches that I had made the right choice and hopefully still get recruited, this time as a pitcher. I worked constantly that offseason with a professional pitching coach in order to get me on track. I made sure to keep my grades as high as possible because they’re extremely important to me, my family, and coaches. Lastly, I contacted over four hundred schools in hopes of gaining interest.

How did your experience with NCSA better prep you for the process?

NCSA and their amazing staff taught me everything I needed to know about the whole recruiting process. I used all of their very helpful resources including, articles, videos, online classes etc. I spoke with recruiting coaches on the phone almost daily asking questions and learning more and more about the whole process. NCSA made the whole process for me and my family so much easier and better than I imagined.

What advice would you give other aspiring college athletes?

Start the process as early as possible and don’t get behind the eight ball. Use all the resources given to you as much as possible in order to get more educated on the process. Make sure you respond back to any coaches that reach out to you even if you have no interest in their school, it’s good to keep every door open. Work hard on and off the field at your craft and becoming a better person and athlete. Grades are so important to getting recruited and also will open many doors for your future so point a lot of emphasis in academics. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or advice from NCSA or parents. Mainly take care of the classroom and try your best on the field and everything else will take care of itself!

Great advice! Thanks to Nick and him taking additional time to help more student-athletes in the future. We wish you the best there at Northwest Missouri!

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