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2 Drills To Prepare For Baseball Like A Pro

professional baseball player adam eaton poses before he prepares for baseball training

Gearing up for the spring season, baseball players all over the country are looking to get that last bit of speed and strength in before tryouts and games begin.

Go Pro Workouts has shared some of the drills Adam Eaton, an outstanding outfielder for the Chicago White Sox, does to keep his legs and arms ready for every game. Here are some of the drills that will help you prepare for anything you come across on the field.

Ladder – Hops Forward & Back

Place your ladder on the ground. Starting on one end and facing forward you will enter in the first open box hoping with both feet into it. You will hop forward for two boxes, then backwards for one. Repeat.

Strength – Wall Explosion

Stand with the wall to your side, with feet hip-width apart and holding a medicine ball at chest level. Rotate your entire body 90 degrees towards the wall with the goal of rotating and releasing the ball at your target in a fluid motion. As you rotate your body, you will want to shift your weight into the leg closest to the wall. Catch the ball as it bounces back towards you.

As a special bonus, here’s an amazing double play Adam delivered when he was with the Diamondbacks during the 2012 season. Check it out:

This is why we work.

That’s just to start.

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