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Football: These NFL Draft Prospects Were Once NCSA Recruits

Football coaches on field

The annual 2023 NFL Draft is set to take place from April 27-29 live from Kansas City and we’re proud to share that 31 of these NFL hopefuls are NCSA alumni! Our team took a look back to see how these athletes used NCSA in their journey from college recruits to NFL draftees. 

How NFL Draftees used NCSA

Our team revisited these athletes’ NCSA profiles to see how they used NCSA’s recruiting tools, including our Coach Activity Report, Message Center and recruiting education workshops. 

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Meet 8 NFL Draft Prospects who used an NCSA Recruiting Profile

We would like to introduce you to nine NFL draftees who made the most of their NCSA profile during the recruiting process. Let’s check out some of their college accomplishments and predictions for the 2023 draft. Let’s check out some of their college accomplishments and predictions for the 2023 draft from The Athletic’s Dane Brugler.

alan ali

Alan Ali is a Offensive Tackle for TCU. During his college football career, Ali: 

Ali is Brugler’s 11th ranked center and is projected to be a priority undrafted free agent.

Check out Ali’s NCSA profile

andre carter

Andre Carter II is a EDGE for Army. During his college football career, Carter: 

Brugler ranks Carter II as his #29 edge rusher and gives him a 5th-6th round grade. 

Check out Carter’s NCSA profile

bryce baringer

Bryce Baringer is a Punter for Michigan State. During his college football career, Baringer:  

Baringer is Brugler’s top-ranked punter and has a chance to be the first punter off the board.

Check out Baringer’s NCSA profile

evan hull

Evan Hull is a Running Back for Northwestern. During his college football career, Hull: 

Hull is a reliable pass-catching threat who checks in at #20 in Brugler’s RB rankings and earns a 6th round grade.

Check out Hull’s NCSA profile.

ivan pace jr 1

Ivan Pace JR is a Linebacker for Cincinnati. During his college football career, Pace: 

Brugler ranks Pace Jr. As his #9 linebacker and places a 4th round grade on him.

Check out Pace’s NCSA profile

noah gindorff

Noah Gindorff is a Tight End for North Dakota State. During his college football career, Gindorff: 

Gindorff checks in as Brugler’s 17th ranked tight end and has a 7th round grade.

Check out Gindorff’s NCSA profile

stetson bennett

Stetson Bennett is a Quarterback for Georgia. During his college football career, Bennett: 

The veteran QB is Brugler’s 11th ranked QB and earns a 6th round grade. 

Check out Bennett’s NCSA profile.

MicrosoftTeams image 4

Gavin Baechle is a Placekicker for UTEP. During his college football career, Baechle: 

Brugler ranks Baechle 13th among kickers and expects him to be an undrafted free agent. 

Check out Baechle’s NCSA profile.

How can NCSA help you become an NFL Draft hopeful?

As an NCSA alum, we asked Kendre Miller what advice he would give to high school athletes going through the recruiting process today.  

Miller said, “For me, I would say staying true to myself and continuing to believe in myself has helped me reach my goal. It may seem impossible to get there, but keep your head down and continue to work. I came from nothing and was able to shine.” 

Looking back at Miller’s recruiting process, keeping his head down and working towards his goal is exactly what he did. Miller joined NCSA as a sophomore and had a 100% completed recruiting profile, which gave college coaches a clear and comprehensive look at who he was as a recruit. Specifically, Miller did a great job keeping his profile updated with: 

Miller also took advantage of all the recruiting tools that an NCSA membership offers, including our library of recruiting education, classes and videos. During his three years working with NCSA, Miller took 18 NCSA recruiting classes. Miller also opened nearly 40 email communications from college coaches in our Message Center. 

To access all of the tools that Miller used during his college recruiting process, create a free NCSA profile

Did any NFL players use NCSA?

Yes! Current and former NFL athletes used NCSA during their college recruiting journey, including Jake Bailey, punter for the Miami Dolphins, and Jonathan Woodard, former Buffalo Bills defensive end.