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ultimate summer camps checklist featured

The Ultimate Summer Camp Sports Checklist

Summer is an exciting time with warm weather and camp season kicking off! But with all that excitement comes the stress of finding the right camp. We’ve created the ultimate sports camp checklist for athletes and their families that walks you through the camp selection process, from top to bottom, including 7 things you must […]

blog june 15 featured

June 15 – Why it Matters in Recruiting  

There are many important dates throughout the college recruiting process, but June 15 is particularly important for incoming juniors. June 15 marks the first contact period, during which Division 1 college coaches can begin contacting high school athletes.   It’s important to note that not all sports begin their contact period on June 15. The […]

the benefits of rituals featured image

Sports Rituals: What Are They and How Do They Benefit Athletes?

Do you wear the same socks to every game? Or listen to the same playlist during warm up? How about visualizing your race the night before? Sports rituals look different for every athlete, but their purpose remains largely the same: to boost confidence and gain control. Read on to learn more about why athletes develop […]

how to gain confidence at half time featured image

How to Gain Confidence During Halftime 

Halftime is more than just a break from the game. How you approach halftime could determine how you perform in the second half. For example, practicing positive self-talk can boost your confidence going into the second half and help improve your performance. Keep reading for more tips on how to refocus and refuel during halftime.  […]

Football coaches on field

Football: These NFL Draft Prospects Were Once NCSA Recruits

The annual 2023 NFL Draft is set to take place from April 27-29 live from Kansas City and we’re proud to share that 31 of these NFL hopefuls are NCSA alumni! Our team took a look back to see how these athletes used NCSA in their journey from college recruits to NFL draftees.  How NFL […]

Camps Football Dance Classes

Football Players: Should You Be Looking into Dance Classes?

Did you know that generations of football players have been taking ballet classes to improve their athletic performance? That’s right, ballet is a proven beneficial cross training activity for football players looking to improve balance, agility, strength and coordination. Even highly successful NFL players include ballet as part of their training regimen.  So, should you […]

10 ways training camps improve athletic performance

10 Ways Training Camps Improve Athletic Performance

Improving athletic performance: 10 benefits of training camps How to improve athletic performance Train at a leading athletic performance program If you want to hone your skills, build life-long friendships and become a physically and mentally tough athlete, IMG Academy sport camps provide the platform to maximize your potential. IMG camps offer customizable programming options […]