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10 Ways Training Camps Improve Athletic Performance

10 ways training camps improve athletic performance

What is athletic performance training?

Performance training programs help athletes improve their fitness level by focusing on correcting bad habits, strength training, physical and mental fitness. These training programs also benefit athletes’ character development by encouraging them to be coachable and holding them accountable. 

Are training camps for high school sports beneficial?

Training camps are great for improving an athlete’s skills and they also offer other important benefits like relationship building, developing interpersonal skills and motivation to stay active.

improving athletic performance: 10 benefits of training camps

Improving athletic performance: 10 benefits of training camps

  1. Renewed motivation. After a few days at training camp, athletes walk away with renewed motivation and commitment to their sport. This can be particularly important if athletes are feeling burnt out or struggling to stay active during the off season.  
  2. Athletic evaluation. Camps typically last multiple days, which allows instructors to provide feedback and watch as athletes implement that feedback. It also gives athletes more time to ask questions and fine tune their skills.  
  3. Work ethic. Training camps can be demanding and teach athletes the importance of hard work, especially if they want to reach the college level.  
  4. Mentorship. Training camps are often lead by elite professionals who provide instruction that gives athletes a competitive advantage. Athletes can also develop a bond with their instructors, who they may continue to reach out to for guidance over their athletic career.
  5. Improves self-esteem. The more comfortable an athlete is with their skillset, the more confident they will be in competitions. Training camps help athletes gain confidence in themselves with instruction and evaluation from mentors.   
  6. Skill development. Training camps focus on improving an athlete’s technique and breaking any bad habits they’ve developed using intentional drills 
  7. College coach connections. Many college programs will host training camps on campus, which offers athletes the opportunity to connect with coaches at schools they are interested in. It also gives athletes a chance to learn about the coach’s coaching style and explore campus.
  8. Exposure to competition. Training camps bring athletes from across the country together, which exposes them to varying levels of talent, including their recruiting competition. 
  9. Mental training. Most training camps will spend time talking about mental toughness, like IMG Academy, which specifically offers mental toughness training with their IMG Academy+ program. College athletes must be resilient and confident, so it’s important to learn these skills as a high school athlete. 
  10. Peer Connections. Being and athlete comes with its ups and downs. It’s important for athletes to support one another, and training camps are a great place for athletes to build and foster friendships with their peers.

How to improve athletic performance

  1. Attending training camps. Training camps offer athletes the chance to focus on their skill development in a controlled setting under the guidance of an experienced mentor. 
  1. Mix up your workouts. Repetition has its benefits, but it’s important for athletes to change up their workout routine regularly to reach their performance goals. 
  1. Make time for recovery. Recovery time is arguably just as important as the time you put into training. Your body needs time to rest and recoup to avoid burnout and injury. 
  1. Prioritize nutrition. You need energy to get through those tough workouts and eating the right, nutritious foods will help you get there.  

Train at a leading athletic performance program

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There are many benefits to attending an athletic performance training camps that ultimately can help you get recruited for college sports. To find a training camp near you, check out our comprehensive list of sports camps near you