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How to Benefit from the NCSA Athletic Recruiting Network and Your Athletic Profile – Unverified NCSA Members

With athletic recruiting taking place heavily online, student-athletes striving to play sports in college should have an online athletic profile with film posted for college coaches to start evaluating them. Online profiles allow college coaches the opportunity to find student-athletes from across the country without using any of their recruiting budgets for travel.

Over 42,000 college coaches across the country are in the NCSA College Recruiting database, and while they are searching for recruits, recruits are searching and researching their athletic programs for roster spots. With an NCSA athletic profile, student-athletes not only have the ability to post their profiles for college coaches to view, but they also have many tools and benefits to get assistance throughout the recruiting process and education on NCAA rules and much more.

There are two types of student-athletes that utilize the NCSA College Recruiting Network: verified and unverified prospects. Each have very similar tools in the NCSA Recruiting Management System (RMS), but verified members have more extensive access and more personalized attention from the NCSA staff of over 300 former college athletes and coaches. To get verified, you must go through an evaluation with a NCSA National Scout. Click here to start the process and to fill out an NCSA athletic profile if you don’t already have one!

NCSA Tools and Benefits for Unverified Members:


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Recruiting Classes

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