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Dear Coach Taylor – How does an injury affect my recruiting process?

Coach Taylor – I have been getting attention from college coaches, but I was recently injured. Will this affect my ability to get recruited? What can I do?

As long as you have recovered or are recovering, you should not be affected by the injury. NCSA has worked with many athletes who have overcome injuries and were recruited into excellent programs. It is crucial that you work your hardest to rehab and overcome the injury.

When it comes to communicating with coaches, it is not necessary to advertise your injury, but don’t hide it. Be honest with coaches about your injury; don’t be overly pessimistic or optimistic about the injury – try to give them a realistic timeline but be up front if you do not necessarily know how long you expect to be sidelined. Make sure to get the best consultation from you can, from experienced athletes, coaches, and especially medical experts.

Don’t push yourself too hard – if you try to come back before you’re ready, you may injure yourself even worse. Allow yourself to heal and follow the advice of your doctors. Show the same work ethic and commitment to your rehab as you would if you were on the field.

If your injury has prevented you from getting game film from your most recent season – use what film you have from previous seasons. If you are in a sport that requires skill drills in the film you submit to coaches, work extra hard to make sure you showcase your abilities in those drills.

Remember there’s lots you can do even if you’re injured: keep working hard on your academics, fill out your FAFSA, participate in non-athletic extracurricular activities or community service, and complete your college applications. College coaches are looking for ACE (Academics, Character, Effort) student-athletes, and you can keep building that reputation for yourself even if you’re hurt.

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