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Dear Coach Taylor – How does an injury affect my recruiting process?

Coach Taylor – I have been getting attention from college coaches, but I was recently injured. Will this affect my ability to get recruited? What can I do? As long as you have recovered or are recovering, you should not be affected by the injury. NCSA has worked with many athletes who have overcome injuries […]

Considering Attending a Junior College? Know the Junior College Transfer Rules!

As a follow up to my previous blog, Why You Should Consider The Junior College Option, I want to make sure you understand some key rules. This way you will be on the right path and have the ability to transfer without any hiccups. Before you graduate from high school, you need to register with […]

Athletic Scholarship Example

Below is an example of an Athletic Letter of Intent / Scholarship Offer.  For many recruits, this is the ultimate goal.  Unfortunately, very few student-athletes and families fully understand that an athletic scholarship is a contract with a number of conditions.  Keep in mind that this is simply an example and scholarship offers will vary. […]

Athletic Scholarships: Head Count Versus Equivalency

The most commonly known scholarship, also referred to as a “grant-in-aid,” is the full scholarship, or “full ride.” The term “grant” is literal. This is not a loan, and students do not have to pay the money back. A full ride normally covers tuition, books, room, board, and associated fees. Bottom line: It’s a free […]

How Important is Club Participation in College Recruiting?

Q:  How important is it in the recruiting process to play on a winning club team?Club participation can be very important in certain sports like soccer, volleyball, softball, etc.  These teams typically provide stiffer competition and attend exposure oriented events.  “Playing up” can be a huge advantage for some athletes.  This basically means a 16 […]

How Does the Size of Your High School Affect Recruiting?

I hope everyone had a safe and pleasant Fourth of July! Sports Illustrated recently came out with a list of the top high school athletic program in each state.  If you are anything like me, you are instantly attracted to any sort of “Top (insert number here) list,” so I am sure many of you […]

How Much Does Recruiting Cost?

Every parent who wants to help their child play at the next level will be investing a lot of time and money in that goal.  99% of parents I speak with don’t have the experience or knowledge on how to allocate those scarce resources (time & money) to maximize the recruiting opportunities for their child.  […]

Why Boarding Schools Might be a Good Choice – For SOME People

New England boarding schools are at the top of their game today.  And while it is NOT for everyone – there are some definite advantages to making that leap and maybe leaving home a little early. Advantage #1 Getting that College Experience while Still in High School.             Although boarding schools tend to have some […]

What it Means to Transfer Colleges

I never like getting a phone call from a student-athlete telling me they want to transfer to another school. Transferring is another way of a student-athlete telling me they made a bad decision. They didn’t do their home work on a school, coaching staff, or the roster. In today’s recruiting, coaches are taught to sell […]

Cost For Playing on a Travel Softball Team

Softball Travel Team Costs I get asked the question about what expenses one might expect to incur to play on a competitive travel softball team for the summer.  In my research I have come up with the following information:  What has been your experience and expenses? Team Expense: 12U Team $750 team fees 14U Team  […]