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Here’s an Advanced Recruiting Technique to Connect with Coaches


When it comes to a calling card for connecting with college coaches, there’s nothing better than a complete NCSA profile, where you can upload highlight video, transcripts and a personal statement — so coaches can start to see what sets you apart from other recruits. But other social media, like Twitter, are great platforms to showcase all the diverse facets of your personality. As one of our head scouts, Chris Burget, recently wrote, your Twitter profile is also a part of your recruiting experience:

Helping share your recruiting profile, videos and stats with social media channels like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are invaluable tools when they link to the power of your online profile. Remember: Only 1% of student- athletes earn a Division I full ride. More than 94% of the college athletic programs are outside of Division I. #fact So you need to get out in front of coaches and promote yourself — especially if you haven’t seen that team playing on TV, or making national headlines. Who knows; that coach might be at the school that is the perfect fit for you academically, socially and athletically.

But you wouldn’t believe how few student-athletes take simple steps to make it even easier for college coaches to interact with them.

This advanced recruiting technique will integrate your profiles.

This technique is “advanced” because it’s something most recruits don’t think to do — not because it’s hard. It’s actually quite easy. When you <a href=””>log into your NCSA profile</a>, just click on “My Information” under “Edit My Profile.” integrate-twitter-1 Scroll down, and you’ll be able to add your Twitter handle to your profiles. integrate-twitter-2 Click save and you’re done!

This advanced recruiting technique will make it even easier for connecting with coaches.

Once you’ve saved your Twitter handle to your profile, coaches searching your profiles will be able to see even more about you. Simple? It sure is. So login and start connecting with college coaches today. Or if you don’t have an NCSA profile yet, build one for free in less than a minute.

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