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Jovan  Odum, Team Lead at NCSA

Jovan Odum, Team Lead

[email protected]
(312) 624-7458

I joined NCSA back in November 2015 as a contractor and I learned very quickly what it’s like to be a part of a team!  I’m extremely humbled and honored to co-exist within an organization that has a singular mission to help as many student-athletes get into college via sport. We all contribute, in some way, no matter the position we play on this team, to that mission and that is something I’m beyond proud of.

Early in my childhood, I was immersed in sports and I fell in love with basketball.  I was never the best athlete and I was always the shortest on the team, but I was always an effort guy.  If I could push myself to give 100%, I could make an impact, no matter how small.  That’s what I’ve built my career in Talent Acquisition on – giving 100% of myself every single day to make an impact, to hopefully, improve lives.

For over 10 years, I’ve helped others build their careers while building my own. Simply leading by example and being the best I can be every single day.  I thrive in situations where I’m able to make an impact while allowing others to do the same.  I was lucky enough to find my calling.  Let me help you find yours!