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Adam Lopp, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Adam Lopp, Recruiting Coordinator

Northwood University
[email protected]
(312) 638-4436

I’m from Warren, Michigan, went to Northwood University and studied Entertainment and Sports Management. I love all Detroit Sports, the Lions are my favorite of the bunch and I am a Michigan Wolverine fan through and through.

I have loved sports since before I can remember. My love for playing on a team, being a teammate, the competition, I could go on and on about why because it’s so natural for me. I had dreams of going to my dream school, playing professionally, and becoming one of the greats, but I stopped playing after high school and not for a lack of passion or talent. I played football throughout middle school and high school, and although I wasn’t a superstar athlete, I was a good student, a good player, and an even better teammate.

So why did I stop playing after high school? Simply put, it’s because I didn’t know how to get recruited.

Which brings me to why I joined NCSA as a recruiting coordinator. One of the things that excites me most about this role is being in a position to help athletes and families who are in a similar situation that I was in, wanting to play in college but not knowing how to get recruited. I’m extremely passionate about helping those in need, helping others reach their potential, and helping others achieve their goals. Getting to help student athletes and their families get to the next level is a very rewarding experience that feels like winning a championship in its own right.