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NCSA Recruiting

Sam Smith, Esports Recruiting Coach at NCSA

Sam Smith, Esports Recruiting Coach

Kansas State University
[email protected]

I am the Esports Recruiting Coach for NCSA. I attended 4-year college at Kansas State University, where I held many positions in leadership as well as competition for our esports club. I became the club President in 2018 and created an annual event that brings midwestern colleges together to compete locally. After 2018, I would spend the next 3 years being the Head Overwatch Coach. I have over 7 years of experience in many different esports titles, and my favorite at the moment is League of Legends.

On top of competing in esports, I competed in Debate at the High School and Collegiate level for 5 years. I earned many awards during my high school career, including becoming a regional champion 2x, taking first place at local tournaments 6x, and placing in the top 50 at the National Speech and Debate Tournament for Lincoln Douglas.

The greatest thing about working for NCSA is bringing my experience and knowledge of the Collegiate esports scene altogether and creating a strong connection with families across the US who want to invest into the scene. I am very passionate about helping people achieve their goals within esports, so joining NCSA for me was a perfect fit.

In my free time, I love creating home-cooked meals, playing with my husky, and gaming.