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Mason Stitt, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Mason Stitt, Recruiting Coordinator

University of North Alabama
[email protected]
(312) 999-6127

I attended the University of North Alabama where I obtained my bachelor’s in Sport Management with a concentration in Marketing. While there I competed for the universities men’s rugby club for three years. Prior to college, I competed in track and field, weightlifting and football at Keystone Heights High School. Growing up I lived in the middle of nowhere and although I was good at athletics, I was not coaches blowing up my phone good. I had no idea something like NCSA even existed and I believe I really would have benefitted from it if I did. That is why it is so important what NCSA does and the help they provide to athletes and their families. Another reason I love working at NCSA is the ability to connect with so many different athletes and their parents. My role as recruiting coordinator affords me the perfect opportunity to help people who were in the exact same position as me. Also learning how each of them got to the point they are at today is so interesting and inspiring for me.

I currently live in Florence, Alabama and in my spare time I enjoy reading, traveling, playing video games, cooking and thrifting. I tend to talk a lot and my head is filled with random sports facts that will probably never be useful. NCSA is an incredible company and the fact that I can talk sports all day yet still make a positive difference in people’s lives is very exciting to me.