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Travis Tislaretz, Football Recruiting Coach at NCSA

Travis Tislaretz, Football Recruiting Coach

Youngstown State University
[email protected]
(312) 579-2544

I’m a former college football assistant coach, having spent the last ten years in a variety of roles including being a position coach and the recruiting coordinator. During my time coaching college football, I was fortunate to coach at both the Division 1 and 2 levels for some of the best coaches in the game of Football. During that time, I was able to recruit student athletes from all over the country with varying backgrounds and stories.

I’m very passionate about the game of football because of all the opportunities that it has provided me but more importantly the relationships that I have been able to develop and maintain with former teammates and players. I truly believe that the impact and experience that football can have on a person is unmatched.

I joined the team here at NCSA to help Student Athletes find the right school to help them take their next step in their life.