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Andrew O'Rourke, Activation Coordinator at NCSA

Andrew O'Rourke, Activation Coordinator

Loyola University Chicago
[email protected]
(312) 205-7526

After rediscovering my love of sports through high school lacrosse, I knew my future was in the business of athletics and youth sports. Coaching, training, managing, perhaps eventually even becoming a sports agent I wanted to try it all. During a stint in Marquette University’s sports law program, my eyes were opened to the enormous potential in working with young student-athletes who share my passion.

Since graduating from Loyola University in 2010, I’ve thrived in the world of youth sports. Out of college, I threw myself into a startup business focused on redesigning–from the ground up–how sport uniforms and gear get into the hands of some of America’s best and biggest youth sport organizations and clubs. Shortly after, I found my way back to lacrosse (and Chicago) as a coach with Chicago Youth Lacrosse, first as an assistant and eventually the head coach/program director.

Developing a passion for sports, developing skills such as teamwork and perseverance, and imparting life lessons to developing young athletes have become the reward itself rather than a means to an end. In 2013, I finally came to NCSA, and I could not have asked for a more perfect match. NCSA’s mission to empower young men and women to reach their potential through the joy of sports has opened my eyes further. For several years, I’ve watched us grow and morph into a powerhouse organization that changes hundreds of lives every day. Despite working in an always-changing landscape, my love for this place and the people with whom I work every day has fueled me to be the best I can be. Without the stabilizing influence of sports, I have no clue where I’d be today, and my daily dream is to uplift every young man and woman with whom I work to greater heights. I couldn’t ask for a better place than NCSA to live out that mission.