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Gabrielle Stephenson, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Gabrielle Stephenson, Recruiting Coordinator

Florida State University
[email protected]
(872) 270-9331

I started playing basketball in 6th grade when my father wanted me to become involved with sports in middle school. Before that, I practically despised sports and athletics in almost all forms. The only thing that I enjoyed was running because I was faster than everyone else at my school. Today, I love sports and the cultures involved with it. My love for being at the top has still stayed with me from my running days and I would like to bring that competitive mindset to the workforce. NCSA is perfect place for that to happen.

Although I did not play any sports in college, I made the most of my time at Florida State University and loved every minute of it. I am now a ‘Nole for life and I represent that pride everywhere I go. I recently moved back to my hometown of Port St. Lucie, Florida after graduating college in December and I now see the city with a different light. Growing up, I wanted to leave here at the first chance I received, but now I see this city as a place for growth and opportunity, especially in the world of sports. There are so many young athletes around me that have the potential and determination to play collegiate sports and the fact that I am in a role where I can help others achieve that is something that brings me joy and gratefulness everyday.