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Hailey Mezy, Member Support Lead at NCSA

Hailey Mezy, Member Support Lead

College of Southern Nevada
[email protected]
(877) 845-6272

My two greatest passions in life are sports and helping others. I knew right away that NCSA was going to be the perfect fit! I’ve joined the NCSA family excited to help student-athletes achieve their goals and turn dreams of playing collegiately into a reality.

I believe in the power of sports, the remarkable things that can come about from being part of a team and the joy sports bring people. I’ve been playing sports my entire life, so I know the dedication and commitment it takes to be a successful student-athlete and all the hard work these athletes put in day in and day out.

By being a part of this talented team of coaches and former student-athletes, I can provide guidance and support and help make the recruiting journey a wonderful experience for those involved. There are so many different opportunities to play at the collegiate level that a lot of student-athletes and families may not be aware of (including myself when I was in high school). I often find myself having a similar conversation with families about how I wish I had known about NCSA when I was in high school, and how I wish I had been more educated and had more resources when I was choosing the right college for me. That’s why I take such extraordinary pride in being able to be a part of a team that dedicates their time to helping student-athletes find that right fit school for them!