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Jacob Beasley, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Jacob Beasley, Recruiting Coordinator

University of Dubuque
[email protected]
(872) 314-0220

I attended the University of Dubuque for four years where I got to play the game that I fell in love with football. College football will be a big part of my life and memories that I will remember forever. I earned first team All-Conference my junior year and then only got to play one game my senior year. Which is why I believe that sport and college sports does a really good job of teaching you lessons that we can use in the future.

I joined NCSA to connect with family and help them through a process that can be very confusing. I had a very different path than NCSA and I truly believe that they would of been a great resource for me when I was going through the process. I am a team player, I am very determined, and I am always willing to put forth my best effort as if I’m ready to play on the football field.