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Jeff North, Member Support Manager  at NCSA

Jeff North, Member Support Manager

Cornell College
[email protected]

I grew up and went to high school at Columbus North High school in Columbus, Indiana. When I began my college search process, I was not sure what school was the right ft for me, but I was very lucky in that I was able to find the right school for me in my grandfather’s alma mater of Cornell College. There are many things that go into making a college decision, but the biggest things that drew me to Cornell College was their one-course-at-a-time curriculum, as academics are very important to me. I also had the great privilege to play college football at Cornell College for four years as an offensive lineman where I also got my degree in economics and business with a minor in mathematics. I was also honored to be a four-year letter winner, a team captain and achieved All-Conference honors my junior year.

I joined NCSA because I love working with student-athletes and wanted to help them with their dream of playing at the college level. I want to help as many student-athletes and their families as I can as I know how difficult it can me to find the school that is the right fit both academically and athletically. I know that not every student-athlete will be lucky as I was in finding their right school, and so I am glad that NCSA allows me the opportunity to help student-athltes and their families with the difficult task of of finding the school that is the right fit for them.