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Justin Kasprzycki, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Justin Kasprzycki, Recruiting Coordinator

Rock Valley College
[email protected]
(312) 638-4495

I grew up here in Chicago, Illinois and have played the sport of baseball since I was 7 years old. I have played baseball in many different competitive scenes including travel baseball year-round all the way up to playing in the Collegiate level. I was a Varsity Catcher in High School since my Sophomore Year and helped contribute to winning 3 sectional titles. I spent my 2 years in College as a Catcher with Rock Valley College Junior College in Rockford, Illinois and due to injuries, that was the end of my playing career.

I joined NCSA to help families and student athletes in a very important and exciting time of their lives. I am wanting to help connect with families and guide the families in the right direction of this recruiting process and do what I can to make the process easier. I have always been someone who has liked to help people and there’s no better way than to do that then by returning to families the knowledge of what I learned by going through the exact same experience myself. I am fully committed to helping every student athlete achieve their goal of playing at the Collegiate level and making dreams come true!