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Kyle Siegal, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Kyle Siegal, Recruiting Coordinator

University of Southern California
[email protected]
(872) 266-2122

I attended college at University of Southern California and received my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Prior to college, I played football and ran track and field as well in high school. By my senior year, I became Captain and played tight end and linebacker. I can attribute my work ethic, discipline, and mental toughness to the years I’ve spent playing high school football and fighting to become a starter when I never played tackle football prior to 9th grade.

The reason why I joined NCSA is because I want to help fellow high school athletes reach their dreams to one day play their sport in college. Although I never played sports at the collegiate level, I do recognize how awesome it is to be an athlete that represents your school and community. I know how much time athletes put into becoming great at their sport, and how passionate they are. I hope to be somebody that can make that dream become a reality for all student athletes.

When I am not working at NCSA, I like to spend my free time going to the beach, watching sports, cooking, and going to the gym. My favorite sports teams include the Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Lakers, and USC Trojans. I currently reside in Downtown Miami, FL.