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Sam Navarro, Member Support Manager at NCSA

Sam Navarro, Member Support Manager

Saint Joseph's University
[email protected]
(877) 845-6272

I was a four-year Division I scholarship athlete for rowing. I graduated from Saint Joseph’s University where I medaled at A-10s and earned a Bachelor of Science in psychology in 2009. Before transferring to Saint Joseph’s in 2007, I began my collegiate rowing career at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a Badger, I stroked our Freshman 8+ to an undefeated season, winning a gold medal at Big 10s in 2006. During that time, I was voted the Most Valuable Female Athlete. My college career was preceded by four years at Loyola Academy in Illinois. During that time, we won both regional and national championships. Outside of competing in this sport, I have enjoyed many seasons as a high school club coach at my alma mater.

I came to NCSA in 2013 and was attracted to the immediate feeling of being a part of a “team.” I am surrounded day in and day out by liked-minded individuals who share the same passions and gratefulness for the gift of athletics. I am most inspired by the genuine desire I see from NCSA to pass that amazing chance along to high school athletes who share that same passion!