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Brian Kraus, Sales Operations Manager at NCSA

Brian Kraus, Sales Operations Manager

The College of New Jersey
[email protected]
(312) 610-6061

The best part about working at NCSA is having the ability to have an immediate impact on the future of so many student-athletes. As a recruit, I was fortunate to attend a ton of tournaments and showcases but always spent my time just waiting to be contacted. Although I was able to end up at what I feel was my best ending place, the amount of opportunities I know I missed are massive.

Over the last year, there are a ton of success stories that I can think about that could qualify as anyone’s favorite, but for me I have to look back at one of our 2016 women’s lacrosse grads. She started the process with us in March of her senior year and took the guidance we had almost immediately, contacting coaches before the weekend was over. Within two weeks, she had scheduled visits and was able to commit to her top academic school with a guaranteed roster spot, which she was previously on wait list for. The power of sports won again getting her acceptance.

When I’m not out working with student-athletes, I am typically with my 3-year-old son at a boardwalk arcade dominating the games, while my 6-week-old is taking notes preparing to join the team. Once the kids get to sleep, I’m able to tackle the golf course hitting one great shot per round that makes up for the 90+ awful shots, which keeps me coming back for more.