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Courtney Ford, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Courtney Ford, Recruiting Coordinator

Georgia Gwinnett College
[email protected]
(872) 266-9627

I studied for four years at Georgia Gwinnett College, and although I never participated in official NAIA competitions, I enjoyed playing club sports such as ultimate frisbee and volleyball.

After receiving my bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, I went on to train middle and high school athletes, as well as former NFL players. Working with those incredible and talented athletes solidified my yearning to work in the sports industry full time, and after years of trying to find the right environment to stick with long-term, I found NCSA.

My favorite part about working at NCSA is that I get to reconnect with student athletes just like those that I have worked with in the past and help guide them on their journey to finding the right college fit for them. After they get their physical training on the court, field, or wherever their heart lies, I love that I get to be the next coach in line cheering them on and pushing them to reach their goals.

As an Atlanta native, I enjoy going to Braves games, exploring new restaurants, and travelling to new cities in my free time.