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Elizabeth Hope, Member Support Coordinator at NCSA

Elizabeth Hope, Member Support Coordinator

Concordia University - Minnesota
[email protected]

I became a Client Engagement Coordinator with NCSA after spending a few years coaching and training High School athletes. After years of coaching and seeing the struggles my athletes went through to get recruited I decided I wanted to be able to help them in any way I could. What better way to help than to get involved with the NCSA? I was a competitive basketball players and swimmer and studied Athletic Coaching Education for both my Bachelors and Masters degree. I am currently enrolled at Concordia University St. Paul, getting my Doctorate of Kinesiology. I hope to use my knowledge of coaching to assist the communication and relationships between coaches and athletes. I have coached basketball, swimming, weightlifting, powerlifting, and general population athletes since 2012 and I hope to continue throughout my lifetime.

I was attracted to NCSA because they really try to do what’s best for student athletes and help them through a very tough and daunting process.