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Javier  Credle, Financial Services - Team Captain at NCSA

Javier Credle, Financial Services - Team Captain

[email protected]
(312) 429-4601

I joined NCSA because of my passion for sports and helping families. I worked in the healthcare field for years, climbing up the corporate ladder but decided to leave for a job I would be more passionate about.In my first six months in the company, I’ve have gained an appreciation for the great culture set by NCSA. I look forward to contributing more to the company in my new role.
I love sports, it’s one of my biggest reasons I’m working here. I play at my local gym four times a week while finding time to coach 5-10 during the weekend. I have a passion for sports because that’s how I’ve always connected with people in new settings.

When I’m not around a basketball I love going to the movies. I run around the court all week, to feel better about eating a tub of popcorn. When I first started my girlfriend (now wife), we went to the movies over 50 times! I promised to never do that to her again. When I’m not sitting in front of a screen, I may be at the mall, looking for great pieces. I always had a passion for fashion. I created a clothing line called “Meticulous” in college that sold hundreds of shirts. It was a great time to bond with friends and roommates while selling my shirts out of our apartment. I share many passions, and I’m glad NCSA has become one of them.