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Jeff Carpenter, Vegas Team Lead  at NCSA

Jeff Carpenter, Vegas Team Lead

University of Arizona
[email protected]
(312) 205-7544

I was not recruited to play soccer in college. My lack of knowledge about recruiting and knee problems prevented me from creating any opportunity to play in college. However, I was still able to be involved in sports, working in the athletic department for both the University of Arizona and University of Kansas. I also got the chance to coach club soccer, which was a rewarding experience. I always wanted to get into coaching because it helps mold the next generation of young athletes into better players and people in their communities.

Helping student-athletes is a passion of mine and the main reason that drove me to NCSA. If I had NCSA’s help in my recruiting process, I believe my life, not just my recruiting process would turn out differently. I know there are families like mine that don’t know how to approach the recruiting process, which makes working for a company helping to change that, the most satisfying job I can imagine. I know that the work we do will help change the lives of the next generation, and I couldn’t find another company making a bigger impact than NCSA.  That is why I came to work for NCSA.

Outside of work, I enjoy hiking and traveling. I have traveled to 14 different states and 10 different sports stadiums. I am working on traveling to more stadiums and going to more hiking locations. I have hiked in Southern Arizona and Southern Nevada, but I am looking to do some more hiking in the northern part of the states.