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Jordan Rothstein, Marketing Automation Manager at NCSA

Jordan Rothstein, Marketing Automation Manager

University of Missouri
[email protected]

Growing up, I played any sport put in front of me. This early exposure to sports has turned me into a lifelong athlete and an avid Blackhawks and Chicago Cubs fan. The lessons I learned as an athlete have stayed with me throughout my life and shaped me into the person I am today. Playing hockey taught me how to be an effective leader and gave me the confidence I needed to pack up  after college and move to South Korea.

While I was teaching in South Korea, hockey came into play once again. I made connections with people through our mutual love of the game and even joined a league to play games on the weekend. Sports provided a universal, common bond that I could share with other expats and locals alike.

Now that I’m back in the U.S., I’m able to continue developing my leadership as I manage NCSA’s email program. While I’ve also developed other interests along the way–including a taste for fancy teas, traveling and smoking meat–I’ve never stopped using the skills I learned as an athlete. NCSA gives me the opportunity to help young athletes compete at the next level and ensure that anyone who wants a path to college has the opportunity to get one. NCSA is a place that is open to progressive thinking and encourages challenging the status quo. To me, the best part about working at NCSA is that the passion for athletics is only matched by the athletes themselves.